Privacy Policy: Penn Law Alumni Community/Alumni Commons

We recognize the importance of strong privacy and security for the Alumni Community and have therefore implemented a number of measures to safeguard that information.

By default, all alumni information except name, class/degree and what was previously identified by the alumnus as the preferred email address will be hidden from the public view of the alumnus profile. Once logged in, the alumnus logs can opt to hide or show additional fields including the email address.

This is easily accomplished by visiting the Penn Law Alumni Community, logging in, and clicking on the "My Profile" link. There are edit options for all sections of the profile - personal, address, email, phone, biography and professional. We invite alumni to explore those pages, review their records and select or unselect the available information.

The security of alumni records is protected with firewalls and intrusion detection systems. We take active measures to assure overall system security, monitoring security issues and industry trends.

The information maintained in the Penn Law Alumni Community is available only under the following restricted circumstances:

  • To Penn Law Alumni who have registered with the Penn Law Alumni Community;
  • To the Penn Law ITS Team, which maintains the Penn Law Alumni Community under strict confidentiality requirements;
  • To the Law School staff, faculty and current students with authorized logins.  

Please note that the privacy settings for the Penn Law Alumni Community do NOT carry over to QuakerNet - the UPenn Online Community

If you have any questions or comments about your information and the Penn Law Alumni Community, please contact

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